These are all the ARTIS courses available in all subject areas.

CP02Integrated pest management for combinable cropsRegister interest
CP03Better black-grass control to reduce threat to yield and profitRegister interest
CP04Better control and avoidance of disease in wheatRegister interest
CP05Better control and avoidance of disease in oilseed rapeRegister interest
CP08Nematicide StewardshipRegister interest
CP09SWD managementRegister interest
CP10Pear sucker managementRegister interest
CP11Pheromone traps and monitoringRegister interest
CP12SWD management for vineyard cropsRegister interest
FB01Minimising pesticide residuesRegister interest
FB02Managing pesticide residues in fresh produce cropsRegister interest
FB03Food safety risk assessment (HACCP) for farmersRegister interest
FB04Micro-biological risk reduction and management for fresh produce cropsRegister interest
FB05Preventing modern slavery and managing temporary labour Register interest
FB06Gross Margin Budgeting and ManagementRegister interest
FB08Using an integrated approach to weed management in arable crops23 Feb, Cambridgeshire
NM01Advanced nutrient management for combinable crops11 Feb, Cambridgeshire
NM02Optimising nutrient management for field vegetablesRegister interest
NM03Understanding and optimising potato nutrition04 Mar, Cambridgeshire
NM04Optimising nutrient management for combinable crops (Level: Able)Register interest
PR01Best practice agronomy for cereals and oilseed rapeRegister interest
PR04Profitable growing of vegetable brassicasRegister interest
PR06Optimising crop management of leafy salads03 Mar, Cambridgeshire
PR08Optimising crop management of bulb onionsRegister interest
PR10Identification of potato diseases and varietiesRegister interest
PR11How to optimise crop management of protected salad cropsRegister interest
PR13Improving potato yields and profitability by measuring and monitoring performance04 Mar, Cambridgeshire
PR14Scheduling irrigation to optimise yield and quality in potatoes03 Mar, Cambridgeshire
PR16Understanding potato crop growth stages03 Mar, Cambridgeshire
PR17Identification of barley varieties from the grainRegister interest
PR20Using precision farming technology for optimal yield, cost and profitRegister interest
PR21An introduction to conducting successful field trialsRegister interest
PR23Best practice onion storageRegister interest
PR24Advanced crop management of bulb onions19 Jan, Lincolnshire
PR27Benefits of cover crops in arable systems09 Feb, Cambridgeshire
PR29Advanced crop management of vegetable brassicas12 Jan, Lincolnshire
SW01 Essentials of good soil management 04 Feb, Cambridgeshire
SW02Best practices in water management and irrigation17 Feb, Cambridgeshire
SW03Developing your strategy to manage healthy soils for sustainable productionRegister interest
SW05Building soil fertility through better rotations in combinable cropsRegister interest
SW06Improving soil biology for better yieldsRegister interest