What is ARTIS training?

NIAB, through its technical training platform ARTIS works to increase the accessibility of the latest scientific research through technical training. ARTIS draws on the expertise of over 30 in-house technical specialists and researchers supported by a broad range of industry and academic partners who are leaders in their field. ARTIS has an excellent record of developing and delivering practical training directly to farmers, agronomists, and technical managers in the food supply chain, and supporting the requirements of agricultural businesses to meet their objectives and drive change. .

Our courses can help you at every stage of your career. Find out which ARTIS courses are right for you by clicking here.

ARTIS stands for Agri-tech Register and Training for Innovation and Skills.

The target audience is farmers, farm managers, growers, operators and agronomists in the salad, vegetable and arable industries.

We offer a broad range of coursessubjects, categorised under five broad headings: Soil and Water, Crop Protection, Nutrient Management, Farm Business, and Practical Agronomy.

With an expansive range of courses, ARTIS offers general interest subjects such as soil management, crop nutrition and precision farming, to more technically focused courses aimed at implementing new innovation and improving performance and profitability in specific crops, as well as offering management and leadership programmes as part of the platform.

Courses are delivered in the field, classroom and virtually via zoom, including at the premises of leading agricultural & horticultural employers and organisations. We can also make special arrangements to run a course in a particular location if sufficient demand exists (for instance to train the employees of a single organisation).

Courses are made up of half-day modules, and may consist of one, two, three or four modules. Modules may be run back-to-back over one or two days, or be spread over several months as a series of half days (for instance, where conditions in the field need to be observed as they develop over a period). Where appropriate, classroom learning is followed by time in the field so that knowledge gained in the class can be practically demonstrated to consolidate understanding. We also offer an e-learning platform that gives users the flexibility to study at their own pace. This platform is accessed by an individual annual subscription, allowing unlimited access to all online courses and content.

We provide professional development solutions tailored to staff needs to leading farming and agri-businesses. Programmes include field and classroom based courses as well as e-learning and are suited to the level of your staff from new entrants to experienced technical staff and cover a range of crop interest including arable crops, potatoes, fresh produce and fruit. For further information contact our training project manager Claire Pumfrey

Our courses can help you at every stage of your career. From developing practical skills and competencies, through to translating science and research into on-farm practices.
We classify our courses according to the level of technical content i.e. AWARE, ABLE and ACCOMPLISHED. The level can be found on the individual course pages on our website. The online Course Finder Tool can help you identify your ideal course based on learning level, sector of interest and your current working role.

Applications for BASIS and NRoSO points are made for every course. Please check online for the most up-to-date points allocation.

All participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate.

A half-day course will typically cost £130 + VAT, a full day course usually costs £245 + VAT. An annual subscription to the e-learning platform costs £150 + VAT.

Some of the online resources are not intended as an alternative to face-to-face teaching, but rather as complimentary tools to help you build on what you have learned on a course. However, others will be sufficient in detail to be used as stand-alone training modules, which can be accessed at your convenience without the need to leave the house or office.

Trainers are chosen based on their expertise in the subject matter of the course they are being asked to deliver. We seek those with recognised skills and experience in areas such as agronomy, production of particular crops, scientific research and training of others. Competence of trainers must be assessed before a panel and all trainers must be accredited in order to deliver ARTIS training.

We can offer you the opportunity to join our network of accredited trainers utilising a simple contractual arrangement, where we pay you to deliver the course. The ARTIS team will provide the marketing and administrative support and can connect you with researchers and established technical specialists if a collaboration is required to complete or refine the training material. Please use the online form to get in touch if you are interested in becoming one of our trainers.

We are always looking to work with industry and are used to developing bespoke courses and responding to the needs of individuals and corporate clients. If you would like to incorporate an ARTIS training product into a research proposal, have ideas for new courses or planning tools, or have existing material that would benefit from the economies of scale that the ARTIS platform can offer please contact Claire Pumfrey.

Cancellation of course bookings

Where balance payment has been made in full prior to the due date, cancellations received prior to 21 days before the programme starts are eligible for a full refund of the balance payment.

Cancellations received after the 14 day cancellation period but more than 14 days before the course date are eligible for a 50 per cent refund of the balance payment of the course fees.

Cancellations received later than 14 days prior to the start of the programme are not eligible for the refund of any fees. If you are unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances, a new date may be offered at the discretion of ARTIS. You may be asked for supporting documents to prove the exceptional circumstances alleged.

Cancellation by ARTIS

All courses are subject to a minimum number of attendees and whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our programme, ARTIS reserves the right to withdraw any course. If for any reason ARTIS cancels a course, all course fees will be returned in full or arrangements made for a place on another scheduled course. We cannot however reimburse the cost of any pre-booked travel arrangements and suggest that you might like to consider travel insurance to cover any significant costs incurred.

Additional Terms –Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the current and ongoing situation due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have made by exception, additional terms to our cancellation policy.

At present all ARTIS training courses will continue to take place as scheduled unless you are notified otherwise. Any action taken will be in accordance with Government advice.

If you have booked on one of our courses and are unable to attend due to:

  • a confirmed case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or
  • a requirement to self-isolate based on Government advice or
  • because Government public health measures mean you are not allowed to travel

our normal cancellation policy will not apply, and we will offer a full refund although will have to apply a refund fee of £25.00 to cover the administrative charges surrounding the repayment.

Your safety matters. If you think Coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your plans, please contact us at the first opportunity

email: info@artistraining.com

Telephone number: 01223 342444

Please see the our Privacy Policy document.