06 December 2016
ARTIS variety fungicide planning tool

Fungicide planning is critically important to maximising returns from the wheat crop and a new series of courses developed for ARTIS by NIAB TAG's Technical Director, Bill Clark, is a step forward in achieving better disease control and increased profitability. It features a unique variety/fungicide planning tool which shows how varieties respond to fungicide inputs and gives guidance

01 March 2016
Screengrab of Resilient Rotations planning tool

 Online rotational planning tool added to ARTIS e-learningAn online rotation planning tool that helps arable growers test the potential and the profitability of new cropping and cultivation strategies has been launched by the agri-food training platform ARTIS.The tool features in Resilient rotations’, a new e-learning course that guides users through the principles of rotation planning using a series of short video presentations featuring Ron Stobart, NIAB TAG’s Head of Farming Systems Research, and Chris Winney, Head of TAG-Consulting. Based on over ten

28 October 2015

Interactive courses on the science behind remote sensing and an introduction to arable farming have been added to the ARTIS agricultural e-learning platform.The industry-led agricultural training initiative provides a subscription-based online training service for arable, salad and field vegetable growers at www.artistraining.com. For an annual cost of £75 + VAT individual users gain online access to a range of accredited courses in crop husbandry and new agronomy techniques as well as regulatory and economic issues.‘The Science behind Remote Sensing’ introduces potential and new

5 August 2015

A subscription-based e-learning platform for arable growers has been launched by ARTIS, the industry-led agricultural training initiative. For an introductory annual subscription of £75 + VAT individual users gain online access to accredited courses in crop husbandry and new agronomy techniques as well as regulatory and economic issues. The modular courses utilise videos, podcasts, webinars, agronomy toolkits, resources for ongoing use, and practical recommendations from industry experts to enhance the learning experience, measured by interactive tests. Suitable for smartphone, tablet and computer users, BASIS and NRoSO CPD points are


FREE until 31 May only: Bill Clark's Wheat Disease ID and Ron Stobart's Cover Crops e-learning courses. Top up your skills and BASIS points now. Complete the courses by 31 May to have your BASIS points added to the 2014/2015 BASIS year. Just 3 days before all e-learning courses become part of a paid-for subscription. Go for it! https://www.artistraining.com/e-learning 

1 April 2015

 Download the pdf for our latest course listings.Please visit our website as courses are constantly added / updated.

23 February 2015

  Understanding Cover Crops, available at www.artistraining.com, will help participants choose the right cover crop and provide guidance to improve the effectiveness of their cover cropping strategies. The course includes video and audio input from NIAB TAG’s farming systems specialist Ron Stobart and farmers working with cover crops and involved in the Kellogg’s Origins programme.ARTIS programme manager Dr Juno McKee says: “Cover crops can count towards CAP greening measures so there is significant interest in the

26 January 2015

Many of our courses focus on the practical aspects of growing a healthy and plentiful crop, but appearances alone are not enough.  Profitability depends on Customer confidence, hence these one-day courses focus on acceptable minimisation of pesticide residues and appropriate identification and control of hazards to control risk in food products.Food safety risk assessment (HACCP) for primary (farm) productionCovering relevant legislation, HACCP and how to complete a food safety risk assessment, this course is suitable for anyone who is required to undertake food safety

8 January 2015

 The last few seasons have produced real challenges for farmers and agronomists in terms of disease management. The loss of triazole activity against Septoria, the role for SDHI fungicides alone and in mixtures and the role of Bravo are all issues that will be addressed on this course. The threats from new races of yellow rust and how they impact on disease control strategies will be discussed. The profitability of fungicide programmes is fundamentally important to farm businesses and optimising inputs is crucial in this regard. As wheat prices fluctuate, knowing how to modify your fungicide inputs to match both disease pressure and

12 December 2014

 Wheat growers can now check and improve their disease identification skills in the field, in the office, in the tractor or at home, with a free online training course from NIAB TAG’s new training platform ARTIS.The ‘Wheat Disease Identification’ course, available at www.artistraining.com, asks users to identify symptoms for over 20 key diseases of wheat through a series of interactive image-led quizzes. Split over two levels it includes useful diagnostic information allowing users to fine-tune and further develop their skills.Devised by NIAB TAG’s Bill Clark, in collaboration with BASF, the


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