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Managing pesticide residues in fresh produce crops
Designed for
Technical and quality members of staff, e.g. quality management staff who face retailer customers.
Entry requirement
Able to demonstrate practical experience
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£225 + VAT
A one day classroom-based course
CPD points
10 BASIS points and 5 NRoSO points
Ian Finlayson, Practical Solutions International

Benefits:At the end of this course participants will understand:

  • Updates on UK/EU legislation.
  • Design of a residue testing programme. 
  • How to sample for laboratory analysis.
  • How to better manage residues in fresh produce for Retailers.
  • How to better understand residue testing results and drive change.

Classroom Module 1 (half day) – The Principals of Pesticide Residue Management

  • Introduction to pesticide legislation
    • EU/UK legislation
    • Pesticide registration and what to do when countries do not have registration schemes
    • Derivation of MRLs
  • Laboratory procedures
    • Comparative multi residue screens
    • Certification of labs and methods
  • Sampling procedures
    • Field sampling
    • Pack house sampling
  • Farm visits
    • What to look for in a pesticide store
    • PPE, calibration, certification, pesticide application records
    • Management of 3rd party Growers / Suppliers

Classroom Module 2 (half day) – Optimising Pesticide Management, for Fresh Produce

  • How to manage Retailer requirements
    • Review of the schemes
    • Management of PPU, PPPLs and how to check against them
    • Organic and residue free?
    • Managing multiple ‘restricted lists’ and how to apply for derogations
  • Design of residue testing programme and management of exceedance
    • How to design a process that flags and manages pesticide residue issues
    • Review of PRiF data
    • Consumer risk assessment. Understand the principles of risk assessment vs consumption patterns 

Trainers are accredited by ARTIS

Participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate


“The course was very relevant to the ever-changing requirements in the industry, and provided an excellent up-date as well as a refresher of the requirements needed for Maximum Residue Levels in a very understandable way”

John Owles

Sainsbury’s Technical Manager for East Africa