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Nematicide Stewardship
Designed for
All PA4 and PA4G qualified staff who apply granular pesticides. This will mainly be relevant to tractor drivers; however, the course may also appeal to agronomists, farm owners, farm managers and contractors who wish to update their knowledge on nematicide stewardship. This course represents best practice developed by the Nematicide Stewardship Programme, to ensure these vital products remain available for future use and is the basis of the Nematicide Application Protocol in the Red Tractor Crop Specific protocols for potatoes, onions, parsnips and carrots. This follows a request from industry that Red Tractor Assurance incorporates a requirement into its standards specifying that all staff applying nematicides must have completed the course by March 2017.
Entry requirement
Able to demonstrate practical experience
Dates & locations
28th March 2017, Coventry
Free of Charge
A half-day classroom-based course
CPD points
6 BASIS points; 4 NRoSO points
Stephen Higginbotham, owner of Stewardship Ltd

Classroom module 1 (half day):

  • Legislation update;
  • The reasons for nematicide stewardship;
  • Understanding the product label;
  • User safety, e.g. personal protective equipment, procedure for safe filling, closed transfer systems, symptoms of poisoning;
  • Environmental safety, e.g. wildlife monitoring, understanding how hazards occur (such as failure to incorporate granules properly), guarding against environmental damage when filling, applying and cultivating;
  • Dealing with spillages safely and effectively to prevent environmental damage;
  • Nematicide applicators and how to maintain and store them;
  • Calibrating your machine correctly, including a practical session to consolidate understanding;

Trainers are accredited by ARTIS

Participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate

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“The course I attended was very good, informative and the information presented by the trainer, Steve Higginbotham was easily received.”

J Bramley
Farm Manager
M.H Poskitt Ltd

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