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Gross Margin Budgeting and Management
Designed for
Individuals who wish to improve understanding of crop gross margin level farm finances and how they can be used as a management tool, including comparative analysis and bench marking techniques. It is also suitable for students or recent graduates in practical farming agronomy or land management industry.
Entry requirement
Suitable for individuals with a practical or training level awareness of farm finances
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£225 + VAT
A one day classroom-based course
CPD points
Chris Winney, Head of TAG Consulting Ltd.

Classroom Module

  • An overview of crop output, variable (direct) costs and the gross margin calculation
  • How to prepare a crop gross margin from raw farm data, including an understanding of opening and closing stocks
  • Identifying the sources of farm and external gross margin data sources
  • Understanding the management uses for gross margin data
  • Practical exercise using a case study, which will include accessing data, questioning data validity, comparative analysis, drawing up conclusions and developing an action plan to improve business performance
  • Metabolic pathways to activity, i.e. basic chemistry of how key fungicides work and where to find this information
  • Plant structures and why residues are different in roots/fruit compared to leaves (in the same crop).

Trainers are accredited by ARTIS

Participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate