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Using an integrated approach to weed management in arable crops
Designed for
Farmers, students in agriculture or other professionals related to agriculture who wish to learn more about integrated weed management (IWM) or the IWMPRAISE project to improve crop quality and yields
Entry requirement
An intermediate course best suited to those who are able to demonstrate some practical experience
£245 + VAT
One day classroom based course
CPD points
10 BASIS (NRoSO tbc)
John Cussans, Agronomy KT Development Manager & Weed Biology Specialist, NIAB

Content: Classroom module 1 (half day) –

  • The major groups of annual narrow crop weeds (broadleaf weeds and graminoids);
    • How to identify different weeds throughout their life cycle and why it is important to know what you are trying to control
    • Weed biology and ecology
  • An overview of control methods,
    • Use of chemicals for weed management; how different herbicides work and why this is important
    • Non-chemical control measures such as crop genetics, cover crops, crop rotation, managing the seed bank and cultural control

Classroom module 2 (half day) –

  • The development of herbicide resistant weeds, how certain weeds become a persistent problem
  • The environmental consequences of weed control, such as pollution and soil erosion
  • Novel IWM strategies, how these can achieve weed control and help preserve currently working herbicides
  • Examples of IWM from around Europe, as part of the wider IWMPRAISE project
  • Research questions for the future
  • Developing an IWM plan and how to measure success