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Advanced Disease Management and Control in Cereal Crops
Designed for
Individuals who wish to understand the more technical aspects of disease control and how this can affect the success of cereals production.
Entry requirement
Accomplished practitioner
Dates and locations
29 February 2024, Cambridge
£245 + VAT
One day classroom-based course
CPD points
Aoife O'Driscoll, Crop Protection and Agronomy Specialist, NIAB

Classroom module 1 (half day)

  • The basis of pathogen virulence, fungicide resistance and how diseases overcome both varietal and fungicide resistance;
  • The implications of climate change and move towards conservation agriculture practices on new disease threats;
  • The merits of, and how best to use available forecasting, detection, monitoring and thresholds;
  • An in-depth look at fungicide development, new fungicide groups, their mode of action and resistance status considering currently available chemistry;
  • Modes of action of bioprotectants and biostimulants and their contribution to crop health;

Classroom module 2 (half day)

  • The merits and future uses of gene editing and synthetic biology approaches (such as RNAi) in crop protection;
  • How changes in policy such as statutory plant health measures, stewardship options and pesticide legislation will affect crop protection;
  • Plan and develop an integrated strategy for crop health management taking into account acceptability to users and their impact on agricultural and non-agricultural ecosystems.

Trainers are accredited by ARTIS

Participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate