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Maximising the benefits of cover crops in arable rotations is a three module course offering guidance to improve effectiveness of your cover cropping strategies. The course will provide advice on the skills required to deploy cover crops on-farm using the best agronomic strategies. Upon completion of the course you will be better equipped to:

  • Understand how cover crops deliver benefits to soils, crop management and the environment
  • Choose the right cover crop
  • Improve the effectiveness of cover cropping strategies
Up to 6 BASIS and 3 NRoSO points available upon completion of all modules of the course
Module 1

Module 1 - Understanding cover crops in arable systems (1 hour):  This module is a combination of videos, PowerPoint presentation and case studies from farmers involved in the Kellogg’s Origins programme and presents the current research understanding in cover cropping approaches.  

Module 2

Module 2 - Choosing a cover crop (30 mins):  This module leads participants through the reasons why a farmer would want to grow a cover crop and emphasises the importance of knowing what the principle objective is before deciding what crop to choose for their farming situation. 

Module 3

Module 3 - Growing a cover crop (1 hour): This is a series of interactive sessions that lead participants through the main agronomic issues that must be considered when growing different species of cover crops. The final element of the module teaches participants the general principles of developing mixtures and the essential agronomic considerations.

Module 4

Quiz: At the end of each module there is short test.  Score 100% in module 1 and 80% in module 2 in order to start module 3.  After completing module 3 you will be awarded CPD points.  

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