Corporate Programmes

The ARTIS Training Platform works to increase the accessibility of the latest scientific research. They recognise the importance of protecting the environment and biodiversity whilst increasing yields and crop quality and thereby helping companies’ source crops produced using sustainable practices that helps them to meet the challenges of consumer demands. ARTIS has identified six subject areas:

  • Biodiversity (Improving the farm landscape, using crop rotations to maximise biodiversity, using cover crops, integrated pest management, precision farming, very good agricultural practices- agro-ecology)
  • Soil health (Soil biology, using cover crops, managing soil compaction, improving soil resilience, utilising crop rotations for soil health)
  • Water (Managing nutrient applications, managing run-off, optimising water use efficiency, precision irrigation)
  • Food waste (Integrated pest management, forecasting yield and quality, extending shelf-life, post-harvest handling and storage, analysing and managing waste)
  • Carbon footprint (Carbon sequestration, managing greenhouse gas emissions, maximising fertiliser use efficiency, reduced tillage in rotations, strategic use of varieties)
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) (Managing pesticide applications, pest monitoring and forecasting, biological control, using cover crops, managing crop rotations)

ARTIS are experts in creating and delivering face-to-face training programmes, workshops, academies, open events, topic guides, interactive tools and online materials with an excellent record of delivering practical training to farmers and others in the food industry supply chain. They do not only depend on the expertise from within NIAB, but also work closely with other principle groups and organisations to develop clear messages that are relevant to the sector. For example to achieve their current objectives, ARTIS are working with:

  • Sustainable Alliance Initiative (SAI)
  • Cool Farm Alliance (CFA)
  • The Rivers Trust
  • The Bumble Bee Trust
  • Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP)
  • ADAS
  • Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO)
  • Linking environment and farming (LEAF)
  • Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)
  • Harper Adams University

Since 2014 ARTIS have successfully delivered over 270 training courses to 2,500 people. Of these people, 79% say they would make a change to their current practices as a result, and 90% is the average score given to course quality on feedback forms.

To learn more about how ARTIS can assist, contact us at » or call 01223 342444