Designing and delivering bespoke training to
support your business objectives

Inform . Challenge . Change

We utilise expertise within NIAB and from a broad range of industry partners to create and deliver face-to-face training programmes, workshops, academies, open events, topic guides, interactive tools and online materials. We have an excellent record of delivering practical training to farmers and the food industry supply chain to support the industry to meet their objectives and drive change in six key subject areas:

Soil Health

Food Waste

Soil biology
Using cover crops
Managing soil compaction
Improving soil resilience
Crop rotations for soil health
Integrated pest management
Forecasting yield and quality
Extending shelf-life
Post harvest handling and storage
Analysing and managing waste


Regenerative Agriculture principles

Managing nutrient applications
Optimising water use efficiency
Precision irrigation
Carbon sequestration
Managing greenhouse gas emissions
Maximising fertiliser use efficiency
Reduced tillage in rotations
Strategic use of varieties

Integrated Pest Management


Managing pesticide applications
Biological control
Using cover crops
Managing crop rotations
Improving the farm landscape
Crop rotations to maximise biodiversity
Using cover crops
Integrated pest management
Precision farming

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