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Join our growing network of accredited trainers delivering over 40 courses across the country. Share your industry skills and knowledge with farmers, growers, agronomists and the supply chain. To improve their productivity and profitability.


Step 1. Discuss

Call the ARTIS team on 01223 342444 or email to discuss your interest in becoming an ARTIS trainer and the courses you would like to deliver or you may have material that you already teach and think would be complimentary to the ARTIS suite.  Once you are invited to submit your application, please go the step 2

Step 2. Enrol

Complete all five tabs (applicant details, competencies, qualifications, self evaluations, declaration) on this application form and then submit.  Your information will be saved on the NIAB database. Your information will be made available to the NIAB review panel, your referees and also the independent reviewer.

Your referees

You will need to nominate two referees.
Your referees should be able to provide a useful additional perspective, and give a constructive opinion of you.

Registration queries

ARTIS accreditation is required before you can deliver ARTIS courses.
If you are having problems submitting your data then please call us on 01223 342444 or email

Step 3. Verification

Your application will be reviewed and verified for accuracy.

Your details will be shared with NIAB personnel at this stage.

Step 4. Criteria

Your experience, references and knowledge will be graded and given a score for the level at which you can deliver courses.

Criteria measurements:

  • Experienced training provider to industry in core ARTIS fields
  • Academic credentials in a relevant field and detailed knowledge of the subject area
  • National and/or international reputation and standing
  • Actively engaged in the knowledge base and a commitment to knowledge transfer
  • 2 x referees and supplementary information

If you are unsure that your level of professional experience is appropriate please contact ARTIS on and we will be happy to advise you.

Step 4. Provisional Approval

The Assessment Panel will then review your application.  If there is additional information required or an issue with the criteria then we will call you to discuss and advise.


Our external assessment panel (details available upon request) will have access to your personal details during the approval stage.

Step 5. Accreditation confirmed

You will receive a letter confirming accreditation and course details together with a contract for ARTIS course delivery.


Applicant Details
Contact Details
Additional Information
I have asked the following individuals to be a referee for my application to become a ARTIS Accredited trainer.
Reference 1
Reference 2
ARTIS Competencies
  1. Awareness of the subject
  2. Active knowledge of the subject
  3. Able to demonstrate practical experience
  4. Accomplished practitioner
  5. Authoritative in this subject
Topic Competency
Crop Competency
Training experience
Industry experience
ARTIS Trainer qualifications
Please describe below how your training and work experience meet the accreditation criteria.
Recent training courses or presentations given
Applicant Declaration

I wish to apply for registration as an ARTIS Accredited Trainer and declare that the information I have given in this application is to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true. I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct issued by ARTIS and published on their website. I accept that any breaches of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with under disciplinary procedures. I further agree that I shall pay such dues as are required of me on or before the specified dates and in the manner prescribed by ARTIS

Data protection: I understand that in order to monitor project performance, my data may be shared between the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and our partners G’s Growers Ltd  Lantra and our external assessment panel. From time to time NIAB, its partners or the SFA may wish to contact me by email or telephone with direct marketing relating to future ARTIS training events, other relevant industry based information or SFA evaluation surveys. Privacy Policy