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Pheromone traps and monitoring
Designed for
Soft fruit growers who want to implement best practice when using pheromone traps and lures in order to achieve better, more targeted control of soft fruit pests (e.g. blackberry midge, raspberry cane midge, common green capsid, European tarnished plant bug, raspberry beetle, strawberry blossom weevil, western flower thrips, SWD).
Entry requirement
An intermediate course best suited to those who are able to demonstrate some practical experience.
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£120 + VAT
Half day classroom-based module
CPD points
6 BASIS points and 5 NRoSO points
Classroom module 1 (half day)
  • Background biology of key pests
  • The different types of attractants and traps available and their suitability for different purposes
  • How traps and lures work • When and where to set traps on the farm for maximum effectiveness
  • How to maintain optimum efficacy of traps
  • How to identify pests in traps
  • How to monitor and respond to pest thresholds
Trainers are accredited by ARTIS
Participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate