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Advanced nutrient management for combinable crops
Designed for
Farmers, agronomists and technical specialists who want to build on their existing knowledge with the latest science and research evidence to improve the targeting and cost-effectiveness of their combinable crop nutrient management. This course would be suitable for those who are already FACTS qualified and want to build on this knowledge. For a lower level course see Optimising nutrient management for combinable crops (NM04)
Entry requirement
Accomplished practitioner
Dates and locations
13 February 2024, Cambridge
£245 + VAT
One day classroom-based course
CPD points
Stuart Knight, Director of NIAB Agronomy

Classroom module 1 (half day) – Soil and crop nutrient supply and demand:

  • how macro-nutrients exist in the soil;
  • what determines soil nutrient availability to plants;
  • best practice for soil nutrient testing and the interpretation of results;
  • interactions between nutrients in the soil;
  • adjusting fertiliser applications for soil nutrient supply;
  • determining the potential contribution of organic manures, biosolids and other amendments to crop macro-nutrient requirement;
  • estimating combinable crop fertiliser requirements for yield and quality.

Classroom module 2 (half day) – Efficient use of nutrients:

  • micronutrient deficiencies and how to calculate fertiliser requirements;
  • different forms of N, P, K, S and Mg fertilisers;
  • factors affecting the uptake, use efficiency and losses of macro-nutrients;
  • complying with legislation on organic manure, biosolids and fertiliser use;
  • spatially-variable application of N or P and K.

Trainers are accredited by ARTIS

Participants receive an ARTIS Accredited Certificate

“We all need to ensure that our ongoing professional development is up to the mark. Stuart’s course gave me reassurance that the information I provide to my customers is relevant. Current and future thinking is always useful to have, especially an unbiased view.”

David Banks

Kent Technical Committee Member

“The course built on the basics I had, gave a more technical insight, brings information to the front of your mind. Overall it gave an awareness of the whole subject. I have a small young team, they all take individual responsibility on their shoulders. Need to ensure they have the correct training then they will go the extra mile and make a difference to the business”

James Beamish

Salle Farms

“The course has made me more technically aware of products available and how to use them more efficiently. We all have busy schedules so it’s great to have a short dense course that is right at the topic.”

Jim Farquhason

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